Facebook Groups are an untapped source of hidden talent.

In this tutorial, I will show you How To Swordfish a Facebook Group for contact information, in bulk.

Today, we are going to recruit some travel nurses in Florida!

What you'll need:

  1. A Swordfish account

  2. Swordfish Chrome Extension installed

Step 1: Find the Group of People You Need

Facebook is extremely accurate to search for the groups you are looking for by entering the job title and location of people you need.

I typed in the group of people I was looking for and the location, and plenty of relevant groups showed up.

Make sure you:

  1. Select the 'Groups' tab when doing your initial search.

  2. Select 'Show Only Public Groups' - this is helpful if you would not like to join the group. 

Pro tip:
Even if a group is 'closed', you can still join by answering the group's invite request questions - 9 times out of 10, you'll be accepted :)

Step 2: Select Your Candidates

By default, Facebook will load the first 15 members of the group.

Scrolling down will load more members.

Pro tip:
Use Auto-Scroll on your mouse to scroll the entire group to load all members.
If you don't have a mouse or use a Mac, we recommend this chrome extension to auto-scroll Facebook pages.

Step 3: Select "Must Haves" or "Any"

If you have required contact information in order to use a credit, you can do that with our "Must Haves" feature.

You can tell Swordfish to only give you results that "must have" a mobile. Or, "must have" an email and mobile, otherwise don't use a credit on that person.

This will save you spending time checking profile by profile for the contact information you really care about.

Selecting the "any" option will give you any contact information we find, at minimum, an email or a phone number.

"Any phone" can be a landline, direct dial, home phone, or an unconfirmed mobile number.


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