What you'll need:

Swordfish Chrome Extension

Table of Contents:

  1. Chrome Extension

  2. Bulk Sourcing LinkedIn 

  3. Bulk Sourcing Facebook

  4. File Upload

  5. Search Engine

  6. Team Management

Let's begin!

How To Use Swordfish Chrome Extension:

Where Swordfish Works:
LinkedIn + Recruiter + Sales Navigator
Stack Overflow
Google Search Results (X-Ray)
Bing Search Results (X-Ray)

Swordfish In Bulk!

A reflection of the search results will appear in the pop out.

Works on:
Search Results Page
Saved Candidates/Leads Page

Group Members Page

You can also set "must have" contact info.

For example: 

"I only want results that have a mobile"


"I only want results that have a cell phone AND email"

Just set "must haves" in the pop out, and if the person does not have data that meets your requirement, Swordfish will skip the contact and move on to the next without using a credit!

Swordfish Facebook In Bulk Too!

Facebook Groups are untapped pools of talent.

Nurses, doctors, developers, scientists - any type of niche position you might be after can be found in a Facebook Group!

Watch How To Swordfish Facebook Groups In Bulk:

Enrich Your Existing Spreadsheet Lists With File Upload 

Missing cell phones and personal emails? Upload your list to File Upload

Use any of these data points:
LinkedIn URL - public type
Facebook URL
Twitter URL
Name & Company
Name & Title
Phone Number

You can also set "must have" contact information as well as limit the number of credits to use on your list. 

For example, let's say you have a list of 1000 contacts, but only want info on the first 50 contacts we can match data for, you can do that.

Watch How To Enrich Your Existing Spreadsheet Lists With File Upload:

Swordfish Search Engine:

Search Engine is an extremely powerful tool to find contact information on individuals that may not have a social profile, or you have extremely limited information on, ie. a home address, or just name & company.

∙ If Swordfish finds multiple contacts at the same company with the same name, we will display all results.
∙ 1 credit per match → no match, no charge

Watch How To Use Swordfish Search Engine

You can Add Team Members Too!

You can set limits, give invite privileges, monitor usage and gauge ROI.

If you need more team members added to your account, please contact us

Watch How To Add Team Members To Your Account:

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