What you'll need:

A Swordfish account

Swordfish Chrome Extension installed.

Let's begin!

Github and Stack-Overflow are phenomenal resources for finding IT talent.

Good news:

A lot of profiles will have an email address listed by the candidate  - which is great......


What if you want to call that candidate directly on their cell phone?

Since Swordfish algorithms can match cell phone numbers to email address, you can find cell phone numbers for candidates that already have an email listed on their profile.

Hot damn that's some nice enrichment! :D 

You can also find emails and phone numbers for profiles that do not have an email listed:

Just trying to show you some powerful magic here :)

Pro tip:

You can also source from Github and Stack-Overflow via an X-Ray Search:

The side pop out will appear when you click a result on the page.

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Happy fishing!

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