Ever tried looking for the phone number of someone with who had no LinkedIn profile?

Or saw a great resume with a name and location on it?

What about someone listed on a patent? Or conference attending list?

Swordfish Search Engine is the answer to your worries. 

Watch how it works:

Search Engine goes far beyond Name+Company & Name+Location searches also.

You can also perform reverse lookups on phone numbers, emails, home addresses, and social profiles:

Swordfish search costs 1 credit per search.
If there is no match, there is no charge.


Q: What if I search for someone at a company where there are two or more individuals with the same name? ie. John Smith at Microsoft?

A: Swordfish will show you all the John Smiths at Microsoft in this instance. 


Q: I am visualy impaired, can I use this instead of the chrome extension?

A: Yes! Search Engine is a great replacement if the Chrome Extension is too difficult to use for the visually impaired. Search Engine is fully accessible and compatible with speaking devices such as JAWS. Simply paste the profile URL of the candidate in the social profile field and you are good to go!

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