Our Premier and Enterprise customers now have access to the Swordfish API. This means you can now connect any system, CRM, ATS or any other to Swordfish in order to get search results without leaving your originating system.

In layman's terms, you can use your ATS/CRM as you normally do, but when you need to find contact data for one of your contacts on that system, all you'll have to do is click "Search Swordfish". Your system will then send a search request using the Swordfish API. The search request will include any viable data for the search (e.g. name, title and company) that is on your ATS/CRM. Swordfish will return the data (phones, emails, social profiles, etc.) to your system to be populated in to the relevant contact's details. Yes, it's that simple.

Contact the Swordfish Customer Success Team for more details.

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