How is Deep Search different from the extension?

Deep Search and the Swordfish Google Chrome extension work on the same search engine and datasets. But while the extension can only use the social URL as the "base of the search", the Deep Search can use other data attributes including the person's name, current or previous place of work, city, state, country, phone or email.

When should you use Deep Search?

Deep Search is best used when either you do not have a social profile the extension can recognize or when the extension does not find any data on that person based on the social URL it uses.

You can obviously use the Deep Search when you have old contact details, like an old phone number, email or house/work address. This is where the Deep Search excels.

What results can I get?

The Deep Search will use the data you provide to try and return you the most probable profile it can with as mush data it can find. The ultimate goal is to return you a single person profile but there will be cases when the results are not very clear as to who exactly you are looking for so then the Deep Search might return several profiles.

For example, if you are seeking for John Smith who works/worked at Microsoft, Deep Search will probably return more than profile as there is probably more than one John Smith who works at Microsoft or has worked there in the past.

What are the 'must have's?

You can be selective of the data you want to be returned. You should define what data is your 'must have' when Deep Search returns a response. If it is an email that you are seeking, then be sure to check the 'Email' checkbox of the 'must have's.

**Note that emails only show when the Deep Search finds a single matching profile.


Q: What if I search for someone at a company where there are two or more individuals with the same name? ie. John Smith at Microsoft?

A: Swordfish will show you all the John Smiths at Microsoft in this instance.


Q: I am visualy impaired, can I use this instead of the chrome extension?

A: Yes! Search Engine is a great replacement if the Chrome Extension is too difficult to use for the visually impaired. Search Engine is fully accessible and compatible with speaking devices such as JAWS. Simply paste the profile URL of the candidate in the social profile field and you are good to go!

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